Riveteuses sur socle

Complete work station, specially designed for high or long parts, working table is adjustable while the riveting unit remains fixed, stable cast column and table, two-hand start button including safety relay, 081-331 including standard pneumatics, 381-481 with hydraulic kit, work lamp, safety enclosure optionally.

With Process Control HPP-25:
Process monitoring and controlling, 63 riveting programs can be addressed and saved, 6 different control parameters / 45 riveting modes, integrated logger function, all data are recorded, ethernet und USB interfaces, 5.7“ touchscreen LED backlit.

With Time Based Control RC-30:
Control software on SD card, hardware in semiconductor technology, stroke and hour counter resettable, 4.3“ touchscreen LED backlit, all connections on the back side conducted by plugs.

Subject to technical changes.